Google Pay


Google PayTM offers an easy, secure, and private way to pay on the web or any Android device. It supports all major card brands, including Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover.

Google Pay supports the following authorization methods:

PAN_ONLY โ€“ For receiving personal account numbers (PAN) from Google Pay.

CRYPTOGRAM_3DS โ€“ For receiving network tokens and cryptograms from Google Pay.

Billing Address Verification

To perform AVS verification when using Google Pay, merchants must pass billing information with the transaction.

Google Pay Web Integration

As part of Google Pay integration, Google requires merchants to become certified with their integration. For more information on how to complete certification with Google, please refer to the Google Pay Web integration checklist and Google Pay Web Brand Guidelines.

To integrate Google Pay into your website, refer to the Google Pay integration tutorial.

Set Up Payment Tokenization Method

โ€‹Step 2 of the Google Pay integration tutorial explains how to set up the payment tokenization method.

To enable Cardknox to be your gateway provider, you need to set the gateway to cardknox and gatewayMerchantId to your Cardknox accountโ€™s payment gateway ID.

Below is the snippet on how to set up Google Pay tokenizationSpecification object to enable Cardknox as your gateway.

const tokenizationSpecification = {
parameters: {
'gateway': 'cardknox',
'gatewayMerchantId': 'your Cardknox payment gateway Id'

API Integration

Below are the steps to integrate Google Pay with the Cardknox API:

Once the consumer confirms the payment, Google Pay API generates a token in a form of a JSON string.

  1. Encode that token with Base64 encoding.

  2. Set xCardNum field to the encoded token above.

  3. Set xDigitalWalletType to GooglePay.

  4. Set the remaining required fields:

    1. xAmount to transactionInfo.totalPrice โ€“ This is the consumer-approved amount from the Google Pay payment sheet.

    2. xCommand โ€“ Set to one of the values that start with cc: like cc:sale, cc:auth, etc.

    3. xBillFirstName

    4. xBillLastName

    5. xBillStreet

    6. xBillCity

    7. xBillState

    8. xBillZip

For more details, please contact your Cardknox Representative.