Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is there a way to specify that only numbers can be entered into a credit card number field or a CVV iFields field? Or can the system generate an error message if the format is not valid?

Answer: As of the v2.6.1912.1301-beta, you can specify an event to trigger a callback-based on events in the iField using the function addIfieldCallback (event, callback). This callback will receive some data about events in the iField, such as whether the card number and/or CVV are valid. The card number validation is based on minimum and maximum lengths and whether it passes the Luhn check. The CVV validation is based on the length, depending on the card issuer.

You can use a callback to prevent the call to get tokens. We recommend you perform the least client-side validation necessary because a mistake in the validation logic could prevent a transaction from being processed when it would otherwise have been approved. See the iField Key Pressed Callback section in the iFields documentation for an example of a callback being used to change the iField style based on whether the data in it is valid.

Question: How do I obtain an API key?

Answer: You can generate an API directly from your Merchant Portal Settings, please see Key Managment in the Cardknox Merchant Portal guide for more information.

Question: What devices are supported for in-store payments?

Answer: Cardknox supports a wide variety of terminals and card readers from manufacturers such as IDTech, Verifone, and more. See the complete list at Supported EMV Equipment.

Question: How do I close a batch so I can get funded?

Answer: Cardknox closes batches automatically, so there is no need for you to manually close a batch. Learn more about Cardknox batch processing at Batch Processing.

Question: When integrating with the Cardknox transaction API, how can I ensure that the customer receives a receipt of the transaction details when they place an order on a merchant’s website?

Answer: You can do this by setting the xCustReceipt field to True along with the transaction request to send a receipt to the customer via the email address specified in the xEmail field.

Question: Does Cardknox support Magento 2?

Answer: Yes, there is a Cardknox plugin for Magento 2 that connects to Cardknox directly. See Magento Payment Gateway for more information about the Cardknox Magento 2 plugin.

Question: Does Cardknox support Magento 1?

Answer: Yes. You can do this by setting up Magento 1 with the Authorize.Net AIM option available in the Magento settings and then changing the endpoint URL to Cardknox.

Question: What is the Cardknox mobile app?

Answer: Cardknox Mobile is an app you can download to your mobile device to securely accept credit card transactions on your Cardknox account.

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Question: Does the Cardknox mobile app work with an external credit card device?

Answer: No, not at this time. We are working toward achieving this goal in 2024.

Question: What is Cardknox iFields?

Answer: Cardknox iFields technology uses iframe fields to replace credit card and CVV data on the website and sends the card information directly to Cardknox. Since sensitive card information bypasses the merchant’s server, this solution enables merchants to remain out of PCI scope. In addition, this Cardknox solution allows developers to fully customize how payment forms are designed. Learn more about Cardknox iFields technology at Cardknox iFields.

Question: Does Cardknox support contactless payments?

Amswer: Yes, Cardknox has several terminals that support near-field communication (NFC) technology for contactless payments. See the complete list of EMV terminals.

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