3D Secure 2.0


3-D (Three-Domain) Secure is an e-commerce security protocol that adds a layer of protection to the checkout process by authenticating the cardholder's identity in real-time β€” resulting in a reduced rate of fraud and fraud-related chargebacks. Authenticated transactions are very unlikely to be fraudulent, and they cannot be disputed by the cardholder as fraudulent.

While the original 3DS technology effectively reduced rates of fraud, it also introduced friction to the checkout experience because customers were often redirected to their issuing bank’s website to verify their identity. Additionally, the original 3DS is not compatible with mobile payments since it was developed before mobile payment usage became mainstream.

To address the drawbacks of 3DS, EMVco developed 3-D Secure 2.0 in 2016. The updated technology improves upon the original 3DS in several key ways:

  • Utilizes a Greater Number of Data Points to Authenticate Transactions 3DS2 relies upon a much greater number of transaction-specific data points than the original 3DS, which improves the reliability of authentication and limits customer involvement.

  • Embedded, Frictionless Authentication In the event that the customer does have to verify their identity, they will no longer be redirected to a third-party page β€” instead, they can verify their identity with a passcode or biometric scan right from the checkout page.

  • Compatible With Mobile Commerce The new 3-D Secure offers support for iOS and Android SDKs so that merchants can provide a seamless and secure mobile checkout experience.


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