Gateway Emulators


Cardknox gateway emulators translate third-party payment gateway APIs into the Cardknox gateway API. This allows transactions to be routed through the existing gateway to Cardknox without having to build a full integration using the Cardknox API.

Cardknox offers gateway emulators for Authorize.Net and USAePay.

To use gateway emulators, you will need to enter in your Cardknox key and change the gateway URL to Cardknox’s gateway emulator URL.

Endpoint URL:

Use your Cardknox key as the login ID and transaction key.

API Login ID: First half of Cardknox key

Transaction Key: Second half of Cardknox key

Please note that we only emulate the AIM method.

Split Your Key:

Split your key by using the tool here.


Endpoint URL:

Use your Cardknox key as the UMkey.


Endpoint URL:

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