Apple Pay Hosted Checkout Objects Reference (Response)

Response objects

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ApplePayload Object

PaymentToken Object

paymentData use example

var reqGateway = new
  xcardnum = Convert.ToBase64String(Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(JsonConvert.SerializeObject(req.paymentData)))

PaymentComplete Object

An object returned from onPaymentAuthorize ajax call - typically a Gateway Response An example of PaymentComplete Response returned by iFields is below:

  "xResult": "A",
  "xStatus": "Approved",
  "xError": "",
  "xErrorCode": "00000",
  "xRefNum": "481244058",
  "xExp": "0424",
  "xAuthCode": "OK8853",
  "xBatch": "6332569",
  "xAvsResultCode": "YYY",
  "xAvsResult": "Address: Match & 5 Digit Zip: Match",
  "xCvvResultCode": "S",
  "xCvvResult": "Should be On card but Not so indicated",
  "xAuthAmount": "1.12",
  "xMaskedCardNumber": "5xxxxxxxxxxx6344",
  "xCardType": "MasterCard",
  "xName": "Test Applepay",
  "xToken": "34q9h58n68qh24p7719m76m0nhm013hh",
  "xMID": "xxxxxxxxxxx0661",
  "xTID": "xxxx0003",
  "xDate": "7/13/2021 7:18:02 PM",
  "xAuthNetwork": "3",
  "xEntryMethod": "Keyed",
  "xCAVV": "ALyaPlPZZIgIADhFniB+AoABFA==",
  "xEciFlag": "01"

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