Account Updater

How It Works

When a card gets declined on an account that has Cardknox Account Updater enabled, Cardknox sends the card data to the bank to check for the updated card info. If updated information is available for that specific card, Cardknox will receive that information from the bank within 10 days of submittal. Cardknox then stores the updated information and replaces the outdated card information with the updated data for any subsequent transactions attempted on that card. This applies to subsequent transaction runs using both actual card data and using a Cardknox token representing that card.
When a subsequent transaction is processed using updated card information, Cardknox will indicate this by including xIsUpdatedCard = True in the transaction responses. The data returned in xMaskedCardNumber and xExp will also reflect the updated information, when applicable.
Cardknox recommends resubmitting all declined recurring transactions 5-10 days from the time of the original transaction to maximize transaction approvals.

Account Updater and Recurring Billing

With new Recurring Billing, when a card declines, Recurring automatically reattempts the transaction up to 5 times, once per day. If during this time Account Updater receives updated card info the following attempts will use the updated card information.


You can see if a card benefited from Account Updater on the transaction response: xIsUpdatedCard = True. This can also be viewed in reporting in the xCardSource field.
xCardSource = incoming represents transactions processed with original card data. xCardSource = account represents transactions that were processed using updated card info from Account Updater.