Account Updater


Cardknox Account Updater identifies customer cards that have expired or are inactive, and then obtains the new card information from the bank. This information is returned to Cardknox within 10 days of the initial request, at which point it is stored and applied towards any subsequent transactions that are attempted using the previous card (using either the actual data or a Cardknox token).

When a subsequent transaction is processed using updated card information, Cardknox will indicate this by including xIsUpdatedCard = True in the transaction responses. The data returned in xMaskedCardNumber and xExp will also reflect the updated information, when applicable.

Recurring Billing

Because Account Updater does not provide updated card information instantaneously, we recommend that Merchants wait 5-10 days before retrying a declined transaction in order to ensure that the updated card information is available. In the case of a recurring payment, note that declined recurring payments are retried once a day for 5 consecutive days, and it's very likely that updated card information will be received and successfully retried within this timeframe.


When a transaction utilizes Account updater, this is indicated in the reporting in the xCardSource field (as xIsUpdatedCard = True).

xCardSource = incoming represents transactions processed with original card data.

xCardSource = account represents transactions that were processed using updated card info from Account Updater.

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